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CommuniSite Content Management System

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CommuniSite FAQs

What is CommuniSite?

CommuniSite is a Site Builder service from Austin Michael. It allows you to easily build a website by setting preferences and entering information in the Administration area.

I don't know how to code in HTML, is CommuniSite for me?

Yes, CommuniSite was made for you! Simply select a look and feel for your site from one of the available templates and then start adding pages.

Do I need any special software to operate CommuniSite?

Not at all. Any modern day web browser such FireFox and Internet Exporer will allow you to take advantage of CommuniSite.

Is CommuniSite optimized for Google and the other search engines?

Every part of CommuniSite is optimized for the search engines. From the appropriate meta keywords and description tags to links ending in search friendly .html extensions CommuniSite makes search engine optimization fully automatic.

How do I track my website traffic?

Once you login to the CommuniSite Administration area, you will be able to pull up reports on your visitors and traffic.

What if I need help?

There are numerous Online Video Tutorials to assist you in your setup. We can also be reached via email or telephone.

How much does the monthly service cost?

With all of the services and features CommuniSite provides you pay only $29.95 per month...Thats it!

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees to start using CommuniSite and one of the pre-existing site designs available. If you would like use to create a custom look for your site we will quote that option to you.

Who will be hosting my store?

CommuniSite is a service of Austin Michael. It is completely managed and cared for by our team of Internet developers and technicians. This allows us to add new features that all CommuniSite customers benefit from without any development costs to our customers.